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National Coalition Against Censorship

The National Coalition Against Censorship has been advocating for free expression and the right to think, create and explore new ideas for more than 45 years. As a coalition of over 50 national organizations, NCAC works to resolve controversies through education and advocacy, avoiding the need for legal action, and supporting artists, students, teachers, activists, authors, librarians and others to become their own advocates and develop strategies to counter censorship in all its ever-changing forms. NCAC’s ArtsAdvocacy Program is the only national project dedicated to working directly with individual artists and curators involved in censorship disputes. NCAC works to protect artists’ rights to participate in the democratic dialogue by defending public access to their work, and supporting their ability to freely express views that might be unpopular or controversial 


NCAC is grateful to all of the artists, curators and galleries who have donated and supported our auction and is a proud advocate for the arts community. We invite you to explore the auction and bid or donate to support our efforts.

This year’s auction is curated by Kathy Brew. Kathy is a videomaker/artist and curator. In addition to her award-winning documentaries, experimental work, and public television productions, she has worked with the Museum of Modern Art’s Documentary Fortnight (2016-2020) and Lincoln Center’s NY Video Festival, as well as the Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History and Thundergulch/Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s new media arts initiative, among many others. In 2018, she spent four months in Peru as a Fulbright Scholar, where she completed Following the Thread, a short film about indigenous weaving communities, along with a portfolio of photographs. Kathy teaches at the School of Visual Arts MFA Art Practice Department.

Bidding on select lots in the Benefit Auction has been extended  and will close on  Friday, November 20, 2020 at 8 pm (EST). Please click the box above to register to bid in the auction.  Winning  purchases of lots in the auction  will be shipped by the artists directly with the assistance of the NCAC  (at the buyer’s expense)  following the close of the  auction. 

Carolee Schneemann

Shepard Fairey

Cecilia Vicuña

Sam Durant

Tony Oursler

Mike Bidlo

Carlos Motta

Susan Meiselas

Tony Labat

Lonnie Graham

Joni Sternbach

Julia Scher

Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Bruce Yonemoto

Kathe Burkhart

Spencer Tunick

Edin Velez

Hans Haacke

Stuart Vance

Walter Robinson

Aviva Rahmani

Ann Hamilton

Beth B

Sono Kuwayama

Beatrice Glow

Mark Dion

Lesley Dill

Mel Chin

Aziz + Cucher

Dennis Adams

Terry Berkowitz

Andres Serrano

Ana de Orbegoso

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens

Karyn Olivier

William Farley

Justine Cooper

Erika Harrsch

Sarah Sharp

Marianne Gunther

Elena Bajo

Joyce Burstein

John Boone

Tom Otterness


Lorie Novak


Nobuho Nagasawa

Maynard Monrow

Chico MacMurtrie

Michelle Handelman

Kathy Brew

Judy Dater

Thomas Allen Harris

Cheryl Van Hooven

Steve Miller

J. John Priola

Lea Polizzi

Linda Connor

Savannah Spirit

Mary Lucier

Richard Barnes

Sook Jin Jo

Phong Bui

Kristin Jones

Beryl Korot

Nina Sobell

Jordan Crandall

Marina Zurkow

Andrew Ginzel

Lynne Sachs

Adriene Jenik

Agnes Denes

Michael Joo

Art Jones

TUG Collective

Sarah Trigg

Jacquelyn Stryker

Ellen Levy

Claudia Hart

Mark Street

Annie Reiniger

Anney Bonney

Beau Stanton

Marwan Shahin

Giselle Potter

Bob Staake

Chip Duyck

John Simon

John Canemaker

Dale Hoyt / Steve Thurston

Thyrza Goodeve

Joyce Kozloff

Ken Brown

Michael Tracy

Chip Lord

Johanna Poethig

Elizabeth Streb

Maureen Connor

Martha Wilson

Julia Heyward

Tony Fradkin

Larry Litt

Guillermo Gomez-Peña

Chris Felver

Constance DeJong

Lisa Crafts

Aline Mare

Lillian Ball

Heide Hatry

Suzanne Anker

Tenessee Dixon

Larry Miller

Ruth Marten

Josely Carvalho

Izhar Patkin


Linda Montano

Robin Winters

Sarah Conklin

Adolf Dehn

Robert Berlind

John Lonergan

Gayla Lemke

Chris Doyle

Shelley Cook

Frank Gillette

William Ayton

John Sanborn

Ken Aptekar

Minette Lehmann

Kelly Heaton

Victoria Vesna

Hope Sandrow

Perry Hoberman

Warren Neidich

Ingo Gunther

Tom Marioni