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Tony Oursler

Auction Ended

Joker, 2020
inkjet print with acrylic tinting
signed on the reverse
12 x 9 in. 9” x 12″
this work is from an edition of three and one artist’s proof

Retail Price: $2,000

Item condition: New

PROVENANCE: Courtesy of the Artist


Always rooted in the medium of film, Tony Oursler conjures sculptural and immersive experiences using technologies that hark back to magic lanterns, Victorian light shows, camera obscura and auratic parlour tricks, but that also look forward to the fully networked, digitally assisted future of image and identity production. As a pioneer of video art in early 1970s New York, Oursler specialized in hallucinogenic dramaturgy and radical formal experimentation, employing animation, montage and live action: “My early idea of what could be art for my generation was an exploded TV”. From performative and low-fi beginnings, Oursler has developed an ever-evolving multimedia and audio-visual practice utilising projections, computers, video screens, sculptures and optical devices, which might take form as large scale installations or intimate digital effigies or bots, ethereal talking automatons or immersive and sometimes cacophonous environments. His enduring fascination for the conjunctions between the diametrically opposed worlds of science and spiritualism have allowed him to explore a variety of subcultural activity and belief systems.

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