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What is VU?

VU is an online platform designed as a vehicle for artists, collectors and galleries to offer works directly to buyers. The price point of works on the site is $20,000 and below. Our clients consign directly to VU for a fixed sale period.

Is VU an auction site?

NO, VU is not specifically an online auction platform. We offer our platform to not-for profit organizations for their benefit auctions only.  Apart from hosting benefit auctions we operate with a “buy it now” model. Not every work is suitable for auction and better suited for a direct sale. Online and brick & mortar auction companies have minimum values for works that they sell. VU does not.

Does VU keep records?

NO. VU does not record, publish or disseminate sale records.  We believe in maintaining privacy and discretion.  This policy extends to any benefit auctions that we host as well as selling exhibitions. 

What kind of works are offered on the site?

Works being offered on VU span multiple collecting categories: paintings, sculpture, photography, prints and multiples. Our sale categories continue to expand and grow.

Why offer works at $20,000 and under price point?

Auction houses (brick & mortar and online) and other online platforms have  minimum price points for works consigned to them for sale. VU presents an opportunity to sellers to offer works that would otherwise not meet the minimum requirements of other platforms. These lower priced works do still hold value and deserve a fair and transparent marketplace option.

Does VU charge a commission?

Yes, VU charges a minimal commission to consignors. VU offers the most competitive consignment commissions in the industry. online and brick & mortar auction houses can charge in excess of 20% vendor’s commission. VU understands that these fees can seem excessive particularly with works at lower price points. It is for this reason we charge below 10% commission for the sale of their items.

How does it work?

VU has been designed with simplicity and ease of use. We have created a streamlined process for submission and consignment. Works are submitted and a member of our team of specialists vets and researches the work. You are contacted by a member of our team within 48 hours detailing results of their research along with a suggested sale price and next steps. The final posted price is negotiated between the seller and our team prior to posting the work. We understand that works can hold  intrinsic value as well as monetary value  dictated by the current state of the secondary art market. Therefore, we endeavor to establish prices that will satisfy all the needs of the seller.

I'm an artist, can I consign directly to VU?

Yes. VU partners with a select group of artists directly  to offer their works directly on our platform.

How long are works offered on VU?

The posting period on VU is flexible. our standard consignment period for items offered is 30 days However, this period can be extended or limited. The terms can be established on a per item or overall basis.

I'm an art dealer/own a gallery, can I consign with VU?

Yes.  VU partners directly with galleries and dealers to provide  them with dedicated pages for offering select world from their inventory on our platform.

I'm a curator, can I post works on VU?

Yes. VU, partners with curators to offer them a digital platform to post online exhibitions.

How do I pay for an item offered on the site?

VU accepts multiple forms of payment (PayPal, credit cards and checks). Payments are completed via our streamlined checkout process.

Does VU take possession of my work?

No, VU does not take possession of your property prior to completion of a sale. In the ever developing world of e-commerce and online sales of art the need to take physical possession of a work has become increasingly less and less necessary. Not taking physical possession of the work helps minimize out-of-pocket expenses to our buyers and sellers.

How is my work shipped?

Once the buyer of your work has completed our streamlined checkout process and payment has been cleared, our team will  connect you with the a bonded and insured fine art shipping company or qualified shipping entity to transport the work to you.


How do I get Paid?

Payment is remitted to our sellers once the work has been delivered to the buyer safely. Payments are held until delivery in good order is verified by the buyer. Once confirmation is received funds are remitted immediately.