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BOOKS presents a selection of publications by our Artist, Gallery, Charitable and Creative Partners.  We launch this Product Category with a featured publication by our Artist Partners Marcus and Monica Tremonto.

Additional publications from our Artist and Creative Partners will be released regularly on VU. We invite you to check back to explore our new releases.


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What Happened…In Soho…5302020-6162020

A Photographic Record of the events that transpired between the dates of 5/30/2020 and 6/16/2020, and the artistic expression that followed on the boarded up buildings of this historic art district in Manhattan New York.

Internationally acclaimed visual artists Marcus and Monica Tremonto started their studio in 2002; the studio is a collaborative which focuses on product driven concepts based on re-contextualizing, re- purposing and re-imaging traditional designs with new design philosophies.

Marcus has a Master of Fine Art for the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago and spent several decades in the design world, creating world class exhibitions and consulting for the top International auction houses.

Monica studied in London England, art and art history and speaks fluent Italian having spent childhood summers with her grandmother in Italy. She also spent over a decade in the creative fields of textile/interior design working for some of the most well known firms in the country.

They are currently working on several other illustrated publications so stay tuned!! 

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