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VU’s commitment to providing an equitable platform that fully supports artists, creators, galleries and non profit groups continues building momentum with a number of exciting new projects in 2022. 

We have launched several new online solo exhibitions developed exclusively for VU by our Artist Partners. We are also honored to host multiple  exhibitions with our international Gallery Partners. Please click the banners below to explore these exhibitions.

VU has also added a new collecting category focused on products. PRODUCTS is an ever expanding category with a rotating selection of limited edition items from our Artist and Creative Partners. PRODUCTS is a venue for our diverse group of partners to sell items that fall out of the purview of traditional fine art. 

VU’s core belief is to GIVE BACK! 100% of the proceeds from any  project with our benefit partners goes directly to them. Additionally, with all of our selling exhibitions and projects, VU donates a portion of our commissions to one of our Benefit Partners. Every Purchase you make with VU helps to make a difference.