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APPAREL offers a selection of products created by VU’s Artist, Creative and Non-Profit Partners.  Now, not only can you support VU Partners by hanging their artwork on your walls, you can do so by wearing their creations.

New Limited Edition artist designed products will be added regularly. We invite you to keep checking in to explore new releases.


I Should Believe Nothing :JD
Bad#%$ B*tch
Label-T Collection: Riverdance Tixcket Stubs
Label-T Collection: 2020 Travel Receipts
T-Files Collection: Things To Change
MPower T: “…All Good” (BLK)
Signe: Unity
Signe: Bebe
Signe: Cheeseburgers
Signe: Equality
Signe: Life
Signe: Montres
Signe: Relax
T-Files Collection: Things I’m Over
“Won’t We Screw Up Mars Too?”
“Excuse Me, Is There Any Free Speech Left”
Ryan Cronin: 3 Bunnies
Ryan Cronin: Untitled


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Logan 6
Logan 5
Ryan Cronin: Double Rainbow Unisex Hoodie