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Stefan Janoski

Stefan Janoski
Sculpture: 8in. Height
Base: 4 1/2 in.
Overall: 12 1/2 in.

Retail Price: $3,000

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Provenance: Courtesy of the artist

Stefan Janoski’s work in mediums such as bronze sculpture, painting, film and music express surrealistic commentary of the human condition.  The hilarity is veiled through concepts dealing with death and the ineffable.  Heretical and irreverent religious themes abound while often bearing the brunt of the joke. 
Born in 1979 in Vacaville, California, Stefan Janoski has spent his life not only as an artist, but also a professional skateboarder.  
His work has been shown in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Berlin and New York. Along with working in sculpture and painting, Stefan’s short films God I Need a Girlfriend (2018) and The Matt and the Bat (2019) have won many film festivals.