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Concentric Circles, 2020
acrylic on  up-cycled @vans vinyl
31 x 34 in.  (78.7 x 86.4 cm)

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“Music is liquid architecture: architecture is frozen music”

– Johann Wolfgang van Goethe.

This is the first in my reworking of a piece to loosen it up, be more painterly, stop being a tight ass, but still retaining the “clean and mean”, “Whiskey Remix” of Concentric Circles. This is the first piece of 2020. This piece works is true example of the idea of surface tension. How bubbles become the a circle. The waters surface creates the pull on the gas in the center hence creating the perfect shape in nature or bubble. Groups of circles / bubbles create strength. I built this frame work of of a vinyl from the head honcho & friend at Vans, Steve Van Doren (@stevevandoren). Always a smile and always striving for more. Check out the waving hand and hang loose. Like all of my work there is a hidden “Wishbone” – for luck. The title was born from a discussion with @homme_josh on @joerogan discussing the creation of music. This is frozen music.