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Inflatable Pool Float
Created by Stefan Janoski
Available in three colors: White, Pink or Blue

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The Crucifloat was created by Stefan Janoski,
a professional skateboarder / artist / designer / musician / writer / thinker.

Originally created as a sculpture, the Crucifloat is now a functional product available to purchase. Here is the story of the Crucifloat in the creator’s own words.

The Crucifloat; A story of life imitating art. Once upon this planet, I was transmitted and/or thought up a sculpture idea to depict a more peaceful, humorous version of the crucifixion while symbolically playing with the Jesus story, minus the capitol punishment aspect… My vision was Jesus laying on a cross shaped pool float, wearing heart print shorts, sunglasses, and holding a cocktail. The title: “Relax…Jesus”

Soon after completing the sculpture, my wife Jessica and I were checking out “Relax…Jesus” and admiring the way Jesus was so comfortable on his float. Jessica turned to me and said “I want a cross shaped pool float” and I realized I did too.

To our delight, upon receiving the first sample, Jessica ironed on a bunch of hearts to my swim shorts, I made a cocktail, put on some shades and became my sculpture. The Crucifloat was conceived.

The Crucifloat turned out to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also such a superbly functional pool float that we decided to let the world have the opportunity to enjoy the same privilege as we are: life imitating art…to float your sins away on a functional, beautiful piece of creative fine art.