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New York Native, master surfer, entrepreneur and artist, Pat Conlon can seemingly do it all.  Whatever it is you find him doing you can be assure that he is executing it with his distinctive one-of-a-kind  “Slickie” style.

In his fine art work, Conlon explores the concepts or recycling, reuse, consumerism and cultural iconography and how they permeate our daily lives. He is holding up a mirror to our lives and in the reflection we find ourselves confronted with an experience that is visually and mentally stimulating.

“Gardening, not Architecture” (Brian Eno describing song creation).  I go into each piece with the intent of letting it grow rather then trying to build. 

“Pat “Slickie” Conlon has a genuine knack for selecting direct and powerful icons in his graphic illustrations and he is a master surfer. His experience risking his life on the water makes it easy for him to make strong confident decisions in his art making. This is essential… no pussyfooting here. His mastery is not limited to surfing the motherf*cker can draw! So pay attention because none of those drips are accidental.”

– Tom Sachs


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Blue Hawaii (Tiny Bubbles), 2021

The “Bubbles” Series was born from the idea that bubbles permeate nearly every facet of our lives.  Bubbles occur as a result of an action. Created through movement and a transfer of  energy, Bubbles played a role in the creation of life itself.

The Bubbles Series  is a subtle hint that art is all around us.  Bubbles in the water, Bubbles in your coffee, not to mention the bubbles we have all  been living in.  Bubbles are  a freedom in composition. 

The “canvas” being  used is recycled or up-cycled vinyl promotional material that are  used to promote and sell everyday objects.  The material has a history, a former life; further reinforcing the concept that art is everywhere around us.  I am taking this material and expanding upon color and shape, adding to its history all  while the bubbles grow.

Within each work there is  an “Easter Egg” in the form of a wishbone for a little bit of luck.  This completes my trinity imbued in each painting; recycling, luck and… bubbles.

Bubbles Right, 2021
Concentric Circles, 2020
BCNY (Bubbles), 2022
Shouldah, Couldah, Wouldah (Bubbles), 2022
All Day I Dream about Bubbles (ADIDAB), 2021
ME, 2021
The moment you realize what’s beautiful in this world. You stop being a slave, 2021
Rothko-Red over White (static), 2021
Coffee (ADIDAS bubbles), 2021
Bubbles Blown Up, 2021