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The Orchid Foundation

VU was honored to have been chosen to host the benefit auction for The Orchid Foundation.  The work that The Orchid Foundation has accomplished to date has been so important and is truly what is needed in the world today. They are curating once in a lifetime experiences for their ‘Orchids’. VU is not typically an auction platform however, we believe so strongly in the work The Orchid Foundation is doing that we made the exception. In these unprecedented times it is organizations like The Orchid Foundation that are making great strides forward and  making impactful change.

The Orchid Foundation’s mission is to mentor underserved high school girls to and through college. We choose girls that are excelling in their academic and/or extracurricular pursuits and help fill the resource gap presented by their socioeconomic backgrounds.

“We are hands on with our Orchids, curating group events that build sisterhood amongst the girls, as well as one on one activities that cater to each girl’s individual needs. The focus is on building self esteem, character and the can do spirit needed to be successful in today’s world.”

An  incredible group of artists generously donated their works to this benefit supporting the Orchid Foundation. Because of the  generosity,  eight Orchids can do what every kid should be doing right now: focus on schoolwork.  The benefit raised enough funds to give five Orchids college scholarships.  This is reason to celebrate!

previous auction selections

Kim Dingle

Dave Shrobe

Marnie Weber


Alison Blickle

Hanae Utamura

Kristen Jensen

Luisa Rabbia

Marcelo Guidoli

Chippy Coates

Virginia Inés Vergara

Jessica Mein

Ana Tiscornia

Freddy Rodriguez

Toshiaki Noda

Beatrice Scaccia

Tatiana Arocha

Francesco Simeti

Tatiana Arocha

Debora Hirsch

George Boorujy

Verdiana Patacchini

Steven Baelen

Michael Kelly Williams

Marta Chilindron

Liliana Porter

Marta Chilindron

Peter Scott

Katherine Newbegin

John Pilson

Lauren Orchowski

Paul Elliman

Nelson Chan

Valentina D'Amaro

Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

Stephen Mueller

Juanita Lanzo

Lisa Corinne Davis

Glendalys Medina

Joyce Kozloff

Julien Gardair

Becky Brown

Leeza Meksin

Marianna Peragallo

Alexis Duque

Joseph Dolinsky

Vladimir Cybil Charlier

Julio Grinblatt