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VU is honored and privileged to have the opportunity  to host the second annual benefit  Auction for The Orchid Foundation: Artists  for the Orchid Foundation.    The 2021 benefit continues the momentum built in the previous benefit auction.  A phenomenal group of artists have come together to help this amazing group of young women.

The Orchid Foundation is a mentorship and scholarship program for underserved girls. We choose girls who are excelling in their academic and extracurricular pursuits to help fill the resource gap presented by their socioeconomic backgrounds.  Our mission is to mentor these girls to and through college.  We are small by design, going deep rather than broad.  We touch the lives of our “Orchids” with personal care, educational support and a broad-minded view of the world with designs to foster leaders for tomorrow.  These “Orchids” are 14-22 year old powerhouses who deserve the opportunities and success they are working so hard to attain.

“We are hands on with our Orchids, curating group events that build sisterhood amongst the girls, as well as one on one activities that cater to each girl’s individual needs. The focus is on building self esteem, character and the can do spirit needed to be successful in today’s world.”

For the second time, A truly incredible group of artists had come  together and donated a phenomenal selection of works to this year’s benefit auction.  Previous artist supporters and new supporters  have graciously come together to support the Orchids.  Auction lots are listed below. Through the unwavering support of the artists and donors the 2021 benefit exceeded its target by leaps and bounds.  Our Gratitude to everyone who participated in the benefit and showed their support.


Ed Ruscha

There are things that I’m constantly looking at that I feel should be elevated to greater status, almost to philosophical status or to a religious status. That’s why taking things out of context is a useful tool to an artist. It’s the concept of taking something that’s not subject matter and making it subject matter.
—Ed Ruscha
Ed Ruscha’s work “We” was offered as a first-price 
sealed auction; also known as a blind auction. The blind auction closed at 12:01 AM on Monday November 1st. 


Thomas Houseago

Kara Walker

Leonardo Drew

Beatrice Scaccia

Lorna Simpson

Kim Dingle

Alessandro Teoldi

Charles Lutz

Elaine Reichek

Toshiaki Noda

Stefan Janoski

Toshiaki Noda

Ingrid Roe

Glendalys Medina

Ingrid Roe

Polly Apfelbaum

Aaron Parazette

Lisa Corinne Davis

Michael Kelly Williams

Francesca Lalanne

Charlotte Fox

Lucia Love

Becky Brown

Juanita Lanzo

Alfredo Jaar

Lionel Cruet

Jay Elizondo

Pepe Coronado

Virginia Inés Vergara

Nicole Franchy

Lina Puerta

Valentina D'Amaro

Francesco Simeti

Marnie Weber

Verdiana Patacchini

Alexis Duque

Michela Martello

Verdiana Patacchini

Marianna Peragallo

Jamie Scholnick

Rusudan Khizanishvili

Emily Noelle Lambert

Hanae Utamura

Sophie Kitching

Leeza Meksin

Beatrice Scaccia

Man Bartlett