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 VU is honored to present an online exhibition of work by internationally acclaimed artist Russell Young.  Just as David Bowie tapped into the roots of American Soul to produce timeless songs, Russell Young has tapped directly int the veins of American culture to produce timeless works of art.  The artwork transcends the images that it portrays,  eliciting emotionally charged responses from the viewer.  The combination of color, scale and image selection result in artworks imbued with a  quality that one can only compare to the feeling one gets when listening to a favorite song. Regardless of who you are or what path you have travelled down in life, it is guaranteed that one of Young’s images will spark a moment of pause and trigger memories of a moment in time that had a lasting effect on your life.  

We invite you to explore Young: Americans.  An online exhibition that takes a glimpse into Russell Young’s America. An America comprised of heroes and villains, popular culture and counter-culture, good times and bad. 

Scanning life through the picture window. She finds the slinky vagabond. He coughs as he passes her Ford Mustang, But Heaven forbid, she’ll take anything but the freak, and his type, all for nothing. Misses a step and cuts his hand, but Showing nothing, he swoops like a song She cries, “Where have all Papa’s heroes gone?” – David Bowie

Andy Warhol NYC, 2018
Kendrick Lamar, 2018
Ali, 2010
Marilyn Crying ( New York), 2013
Audrey Hepburn, 2018
Elizabeth Taylor Portrait, 2008
Kate Moss (medium) #1, 2015
Marilyn Glamour (Small), 2010
Kate Moss (medium) #2, 2015
Helter Skelter #16, 2014
Helter Skelter #11, 2011
New York Grenade #16, 2018
Helter Skelter #06, 2010
Elvis TCB Gun - Single (Blood), 2008
Elvis TV, 2011
Elvis TCB Pistol, 2017
James Dean, 2006
Brando Bike, 2008
Magnificent Seven, 2006
Johnny Cash, 2004
Elvis, 2004
Sid Vicious, 2004
Eminem, 2002
Frank Sinatra, 2007
MLK Jr. Original, 2005
The Doors Skid Row, 2006
Marilyn in Korea, 2006
Mick Jagger Dirty Pretty Things (Roman Numerals), 2010
Kurt Cobain (Close-Up), 2009
Ghandhi, 2009