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Rothko – Red over White (static), 2021
acrylic on up-cycled @vans vinyl
31 x 30 in. (78.7 x 76.2 cm)

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Rothko – Red over White (static), 2021 is another addition  to my Mark Rothko Series. This was inspired by the Rothko piece “White over Red” and I flipped it on its end or upside down. Rothko’s are all about playing with color fields. I wanted to have the “surface” or underlying image pop to the front exposing the material and the foundation image that I build the majority of my paintings from. Exploring “push/pull” color theory literally. This piece is more raw in exposing material both paint as well as the vinyl  doubled up from welding it together to make a pocket pole-hole to hang from for display. There is also the hidden  omnipresent “wishbone”. I add  this for luck. It also brings the viewer closer to the painting.  Who doesn’t  love finding Waldo, the crackerjack prize or a hidden message?