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  • April 06, 2021
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Artist News: Hanae Utamura


Friday, March 19 7:00pm


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This event has passed. Artist TalkVirtual Meet the Residents: Hanae Utamura and Jacob Nelsen-Epstein

Friday, March 19, 2021, 7 pm ET Access information: The live-streamed video will feature automated open caption. The Google Doc Q&A features screen reader and screen magnification support. If you encounter any issues, please[...]

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  • April 06, 2021
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Artist Talk: Beatrice Scaccia

Beatrice Scaccia Artist Talk Katonaah Museum of Art / April 8, 2021


Discover the personal history and creative process behind Beatrice Scaccia’s Spot Gallery exhibition My Hope Chest. Scaccia combines stop-motion animation and site-specific drawing to create a personal meditation on traditional gender roles that focuses on the symbol of the hope chest. As Scaccia[...]

100 Artists for the Orchid Foundation Artist News: Vladimir Cybil Charlier

Current and upcoming projects for :



Dream Deferred Organized by Geoff Sciacca and Christian Dunn August 24th-September 18th, Stamford University


Art Off-Screen Curated by Eileen Jeng-Lynch SeptEMBER 12-26, 2020 Multiple locations


100 Artists for the Orchid Foundation Artist News:KARINA AGUILERA SKVIRSKY

Updates on recent, current and upcoming exhibitions and projects for:

KARINA AGUILERA SKVIRSKY The Laundromat Project Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

I became an American citizen, exclusively, to vote against W. Bush. – Anexora Skvirsky (the Artist’s Mother)

Image credit: Taylor Kwogios

Karina Aguilera Skvirsky is a multidisciplinary artist that works mainly with photographs, video, and performance. She has[...]

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  • August 28, 2020
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100 Artists for the Orchid Foundation Artist News: Alfredo Jaar

World’s Top Photography Award Goes to Alfredo Jaar, Maker of Poetic Works Focused on Political Resistance


ArtNews March 10, 2020 10:59am Alfredo Jaar’s The Silence of Nduwayezu (1997), as shown at Goodman Gallery in London in 2019.GUY BELL/SHUTTERSTOCK

The Hasselblad Prize is perhaps the greatest honor a photographer can receive, and winning it often[...]

100 Artists For the Orchid Foundation: Kim Dingle

Kim Dingle, Full Service – Restaurant Mandala, 2012/2020 (detail)

Kim Dingle Restaurant Mandalas September 8 – October 17

Andrew Kreps Gallery is excited to reopen its 22 Cortlandt Alley location to the public with an exhibition of works by the Los Angeles-based artist Kim Dingle, titled Restaurant Mandalas.

Kim Dingle began her series of restaurant paintings in the[...]

100 Artists for the Orchid Foundation News: Lionel Cruet

The Weekly Journal


Lionel Cruet Explores Ecological Spaces With Latest NYC Exhibit ‘Dusk/Daybreak’ showcases the Puerto Rican artist’s masterful use of color  Giovanna Garofalo, The Weekly Journal Aug 26, 2020 Updated Aug 26, 2020 Puerto Rican artist Lionel Cruet has received international acclaim for his compelling themes and imagery.

As part of his continuous endeavors and projects, internationally acclaimed Puerto[...]

100 Artists for the Orchid Foundation Artist News: Deborah Hirsch

Upcoming Exhibition Including:

Debora Hirsch My upcoming group exhibition in New York is:

Bound up Together: On the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Curated by Rachel Gugelberger

Smack Mellon, New York

October 3 – December 13, 2020

I will present an installation about Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman who had cervical cancer. In 1951, a scientist at the Johns Hopkins[...]