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Russell Young

Dreamland #32, 2015
oil on Somerset paper
44×30 in. (111.8 x 76.2 cm)
From the series Dreamland
This work is from an edition of one
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“I’m like that moth outside my room that every night flies into the light, it burns itself but continues to fly into the light to see if the outcome will be different.”

These abstract paintings mark a radical departure from the artist’s previous screen based works, borrowing their titles from the sinister and ironic rhetoric of the early cold war years that had filtered into the subconscious of the artist as a boy. Los Alamos. Little Boy, Bikini Atoll . . . contrasted sharply with the grim housing project titles that shaped his environment . . . Moss Side, Easterhouse, Nant Peris. Whilst the British Broadcast Company warned a generation of children to protect themselves from the imminent threat of holocaust by lying prone beneath their school desks . . . Young chose to stand up.